Enough with the cookie cutter people!

With the rise of social media influence, young and old are feeling scrutinized and down right exasperated with the immense pressure put on them to look ‘perfect’.

And – you’ve heard it all before. I personally don’t believe for one minute that its only social media causing many people to want to look the same as everyone else, and be afraid to be themselves. However, I’m not talking about the source of the problem in this article. I want to discuss the real issue, and it is a REAL issue…

Define perfect? Somehow all our opinions of this word have become morphed into one basic idea which is miles away from the real meaning. It’s sad – truly sad.

I understand it’s not all of us, some have reached a mindful state where they understand looking ‘perfect’ is in the eyes of the beholder. But others are unhappy. Purely based on the moronic new trend of ‘perfection’… and by perfection I mean:  having the same physique and fashion sense as everyone else is the only thing that will give you self and social worth. Hardly perfection.

The truth is, you give yourself worth to you and others by being confidant with your own unique aesthetic.

However, I understand you will not always look in the mirror and be happy with what you see, so you must create an aesthetic for yourself that makes you proud, be your own influencer. You don’t have to look like everyone else. Confidence and individuality will always be the ultimate accessory; they are something that will never go out of fashion.

I’m certain that the most influential people in history were so successful because they were different from the regular cookie cutter people of society, they had flair, a unique selling point that meant they offered something never seen before to the world, something exiting that made people stop and think; take Coco Chanel, her flair and individuality is what formed the basis of a multi million pound franchise and took her from the a lowly orphanage to the very heights of Parisian society. Now who to say you can’t do the same? That was all achieved from a little something called originality. And the confidence that her look is different and that is not a bad thing.

So, I say go out into the world and be a ‘flamingo in a flock of pigeons’ because that way you will find that life is so much more exiting and the world becomes a place of diversity and happiness instead of a world of sad clones.


Fishnet: Why you shouldn’t care what they think.

The new trend that seems to be sweeping the fashion industry from the catwalks of London fashion week, to the very depths of Instagram. Now, it is definitely a statement. But, should you shy away from it just because it is associated (in some people’s minds) with the sex industry? I think not! In my humble opinion, I think it only connotes what it does, in the minds of those simple minded people who look at fashion as if they were wearing a pair of glasses that have the wrong prescription. Or rather, they see what they think they see rather than what is actually there.

Personally, I think that fishnet hosiery can add excitement to an outfit that could otherwise be quite boring…  And not to ‘diss’ bare legs, which in their own right are quite fabulous, but I think they need an upgrade… Any systematic mind can see that over time we have evolved from nude stockings being acceptable, to finally being able to have bare legs and not be judged, and clearly, the next most fitting allowable genre is fishnets! Now, I am very likely to be supporting them (with the right outfit of course) whether they are permissible in society or not, but I think many people are holding back from taking the step as a result of judgment (as the human nature is wired to do).

You just venture into the amazing world of Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and even just plain google and you can find a multitude of iconic outfits containing the deserving fishnet. I can agree that in some situations the fishnet can be used inproperly, for example, I have seen on some occasions people not wearing a skirt, shorts or a pair of trousers over there fishnet of choice, or wearing the wrong pair of fishnets for an outfit, but in any situation that  wouldn’t be the best decision even if you were wearing normal plain old opaque tights.

So, to conclude this post I think fishnets should be worn (just like anything in reason) if it will make your outfit look more amazing than it is already likely to be…

and a lot more abstract begonia 😉

photo is credited to the urban spotter


Street style…it has changed for the better.

It is becoming clear to me, more than ever before,  that street style (well what ‘street style’ is to me)  accounts for a huge part of what fashion is, and is seeping into any empty pocket that needs revitalizing; fashion houses are listening and are not only influencing society but finally allowing society to influence them…

To me, street style is a mishmash of the ages coming together in a gorgeous paperchase wrapped package which inside shows a rainbow of individuality. This means that we see less and less skinny jeans paired with t-shirts and trainers at large volumes, which to be honest, I am glad to see the back of. But rather see an array of styles from Dr martins to Charlotte Olympia cat pumps paired with everything fabulous from Mum jeans to culottes and blouses to crop tops.

Now if that doesn’t excite you…

I am also really embracing how people have kind of ‘let lose’. We are no longer being judged based on whether we have a Juicy Couture velour sweatsuit, but rather how we style ourselves. Because, in the end, the truth is it doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing a shirt from Topshop or Stone island if you can’t style it well, you may as well be wearing a potato sack stained with beet juice.

Personally, I am not sure if everyone is willing to swap their favorite pair of Nikes for some airwalks and that’s okay because we don’t all have to wear or like the same thing… That is what excites me so much about fashion, the idea that not everyone will follow that same fashion ideal or try to recreate all of the styles show on the Gucci FW17 catwalk, and that so beautiful because it makes stepping out into the big wide world so much more diverse, unique and oh so very EXITING!

And allot more abstract begonia 😉

What are my intentions?

Just in case you missed the ‘about me’ page (since this is the ‘safe part’ of the internet: I probably would have missed it too 🙂 ):

Firstly, if you’re anything like me, you really like to know a person before you set out on an endeavor into their endless reams of blogs and excerpts, so… I am known as many things, some of which I can share on this blog, others of which are best left unsaid, so heres the onse I can bring myself to repeat: avid vogue explorer, sketcher, drawer, painter, chef (not baker), ponderer, wonderer and solemn believer that fashion(as well as life really) is about uniqness and diversity. And, you’ll have to wait for the rest(i know what your thinking, can there be anymore?), intill I know you a bit better, or rather you know me better…

I should probably put this one in here, as much as I don’t like to admit it… Hypochondriac.

My intentions when walking into the blogging ‘scene’: well my intention is to share my life and ideas with the www, the world, the web, the world wide web, you guys! And also ALOT of little- added extras…

Oh! And I am guessing you are wondering what on earth is an ‘abstract begonia’? Well if you stick with me… I’m sure you’ll soon find out…