The seasons are changing. What do you wear in the mean time? 

It’s that time of year in Britain again. The morning summer dew is turning into everlasting daily showers, as usual the weather can’t make up its mind! Do you prep for the monsoon that’s awating you from 11 till 1 or do you dress for the swealteing heat of 3? This is my least favourite time of year and I can’t tell if it’s because I’m waving goodbye to the light and flowie outfits of summer, or the jumpers of autumn just won’t come along soon enough! 

At the moment… My current go-to has been a rather overused pair of denim culottes. From the middle of August till now I haven’t really worn anything else because these seem to provide me with the most appropriate protection from the elements. And in my opinion they look pretty good with most things, they seem to be on the border of causal and chic so can (and have been) be worn for any occasion. I would very much recommend a pair for quick in the moment fabulous outfits! From jumpers to t shirts these faithful culottes have been very dear to my heart for the last month or so. But, it’s time for a change as autumn comes rolling round the corner. 

Observing the latest trend forecast is not something I often endure in, I prefer to create my own looks from what I have learnt from past fashion sources. This method provides you with a more open mind which, in my opinion, creates the most fabulous outfits! 

But, my plan is likely to start with buying a lot of tights and jumpers to pair with dark wash jeans or skirts – and likely my beloved dr martens! I picked up a fabulous electric blue jacket and another long burgundy boyfriend the other week which will make for some really cool get ups. I might even try to brave a bare leg, or a short sleeve – you never know! 

My main tip however is always stay away from full outfits of boring colours such as black and gray, far overused in the colder months in my opinion. Just because it’s autumn doesn’t mean you need to dress the colour of the country. Try getting yourself a colourful coat or pair of shoes that will break up the trend. Trust me, it makes such a huge difference. 

Thankyou so much for joining me today I hope to see you again! 

Jaya x 


Traveling in style – well, what you can control…

When the time comes for you to jet off on the summer holiday you well deserve, it seems so easy to reach for your favourite jogger and t-shirt combo to accompany you on your flight – after all – it’s just so comfy, and the likelihood of your airplane seat being the opposite is inevitable! 

Now, I’m not suggesting you should wear a avant garde ball gown – god knows this outfit is far from it – but maybe something that will make you feel like (or at least look like) your compleatly confident from when your looking for your luggage on the convayer belt to when your waltz through the doors of your hotel lobby rolling your body weight in suitcases behind you, as often times your really not! 

I’m travelling to Barcelona from the U.K, a flight of 2 hours that feels like a age! It is a beautiful city rich in history, urban culture and with absolutely gorgeous seafood! Not to mention, weather that feels like your walking in a hot shower wherever your walk! A age of difference from the cold dreary showers we are used to back home! So obviously my wardrobe is not used to these type of environments – therefore – I must begin my fashion journey by taking a shopping trip! 

On the day of my departure I coupled a john Lennon T with a pair of Levi 607s which I cut the bottom off and frayed to transform them from dad jeans that are too big at the waist, to in my opinion a pair of Urban outfitters worthy slacks (I never say that word but it seems appropriate for the description!). 

I needed to be dressed appropriately for both boarding the plane in Britain at 14 degrees and exiting in barcalona at a scorching 28! This outfit did the trick and and got me a few looks in the airport – now, I don’t know if that is because my glasses unintentionally mirrored that of johns on my tshirt or they were looks envious inclination 😉  But, I’m sure that the outside of me did not suggest the monster of panic within! 

So, overall this decision ensured that I hung up my usual travel attire for something more though out, and less just thrown on in the moment. As – it could just be that of the placebo effect – but i feel I was a bit calmer and confident as a result of feeling more comfortable in my appearance … And I was for once rarely pushed around by fellow travellers! 

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt of my life – and would be endlessly thankful if you could join me again! 

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Jaya x 


Healthy Magic mermaid toast! 

Now, if you don’t like mermaids – this recipe will change your mind. It’s super fast, magically easy and fabulously nutritious! It’s even looks cool, and is sure to impress. You might think this recipe calls for pixi dust or something similar, but you would be hugely mistaken, I am 99% sure you have 3/4 of the ingredients in your cupboards and fridges. The other 1/4 might call for a trip to your nearest health store and supermarket. 

Serves 1 


2 pieces of wholewheat organic bread ( I used Sainsbury’s so organic) 

1 tbs light soft cheese (can use full fat if preferred) 

1/8 teaspoon spirulina powder (this is what creates the wonderful blue green colour) *can be found at your local health store 

1 tsp sumac (the purple flakes) *can be found at Sainsbury’s


1. Toast your bread until your desired crunchiness. 

2. Spread 1/2 tbs of soft cheese on each piece of bread. 

3. Sprinkle spirulina on top of each piece of bread. Using a butter knife lightly merge the spirulina powder into the soft cheese to create a wave like pattern. 

4. Sprinkle toast with sumac And serve. As easy as that! 

250 cal 

Perfect stripped down porridge. 

When it comes to breakfast, porridge is the bell of the ball, both when it comes to nutritional value and comforting goodness. I absolutely adore waking up to a bowl of it in the morning; I love mine with cinimon, chia seeds and blueberries. Though am starting to enjoy adding chopped bananas while cooking to create a sweet and creamy bowl of delight! This is a stripped down version (base) so feel free to add your favourite fillings and toppings – however this picture does contain blueberries as it was my brekkie! If you’d like me to create some porridge flavours please comment! 

Serves 1 


In my opinion porridge is a very personal dish, so feel free to add more or less liquid depending on your porridge preference. But this is how I like it (I find it creates a more soupy porridge): 

50g oats (rolled, jumbo or quick will do, steel cut can be used but will take a bit longer) 

60ml water 

50ml milk (dairy or non dairy) 


1. Begin by lightly toasting your oats in the saucepan on medium for 1 minuet (you will need to constantly move your oats) 

2. Pour in your water and milk and simmer (on medium) stirring every so often for 5-10 minuets. At this point add your toppings and fillings, add your fresh fruit at this point if you like your fruit melted into the porridge. 

3. Serve immediately in your favourite bowl and scatter with your preferred spices, syrups and fruits. 

Tremendous Thai steamed salmon. 

Fish is my favourite thing on the planet, it’s been that way since I’ve been very young – which is lucky as it contains many essential to good health vitimins and minerals. However some people may not be so keen and could be in need of some persuasion. Well, you’ve come to the right place – this recipe makes the most of the gorgeous natural flavour of salmon whilst combining typical Thai flavours to create a recipe worthy of kings! It’s quick easy and so so good. Once you’ve tried this recipe you will join me in the land of fish adorers! Serve with a side of salad or noodles. 

Serves 4 


4 salmon fillets (skin removed) 

1 5cm knob of ginger (cut into matchsticks) 

2 bunches of pak choi 

100g asparagus 

50g spring onions 

For the marinade: 

3tbs dark soy sauce 

2tbs sesame oil 

1tbs sesame seeds 

1tbs Thai chilli powder + some for dusting

2tbs black pepper + some for dusting

1tbs Chinese 5 spice


1. Preheat oven to 204 degrees centigrade/ gas mark 6. 

2. Combine all the ingredients used to create the marinade in a small bowl set aside for use later. 

3. Peel the leaves of the pak choi into a bowl mix with the asparagus and apply the marinade.

4. Remove the skin of the salmon (if needed) by laying it skin side up on a chopping board and making a small slit below the skin, peel the skin back until fully removed. Prepare 4 pieces of foil to be filled with the veg and salmon. 

5. Place the salmon onto the foil and evenly distribute the veg beside it. Sprinkle with pepper, chilli powder and ginger strands. Close the foil packets by bringing together opposite ends and twisting tightly. Place on a baking tray and bake for 25 minuets or until the fish is cooked thorough. 

Once cooked serve with salad or noodles. You can remove the fish from the foil or serve it inside. 

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My go to dip- avocado hummus with a tomato topping. 

Say goodbye to fatty dairy filled shop brought dips, and hello to my mouthwatering avocado hummus with tomato topping – I mean – who doesn’t like hummus? The range of textures makes for irresistible duo that’s a crowd pleaser and most importantly a personal favourite! This recipe is perfect paired with corn crisps or wholewheat pitta  ( however I prefer it spread then sprinkled on Ryvita sweet chillie flatbreads). It couldn’t be easier: 


For the avocado hummus: 

1 large (2 small) garlic cloves 

1 large avocado 

1 400g can chickpeas 

1 tbs cumin 

1 tbs lemon 

1 tsp black pepper 

1 tsp tahini 

For the tomatoes: 

1 tsp lemon juice 

1 tsp mixed herbs 

4 plum tomatoes

1tsp black pepper


1. In a food processor begin by lightly blitzing the tomatoes with the lemon juice. Transfer to a small bowl and sprinkle with black pepper and mixed herbs. Leave to one side for later. 

2. (There’s no need to clean the appliance – tomato juice adds a little extra flavour to the hummus) Start the hummus by mincing the garlic cloves with the fennel and cumin. 

3. Now chop the avacado and drain the chickpeas. Add them to the food processor along with the black pepper, lemon juice and tahini blend until a smooth humus is formed this may take up to 5 minutes. 

Serve with wholewheat pitta, corn chips or my personal favourite sweet chillie ryvita! 

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Fine fettle wholgrain Tomato, pesto and cheese on toast. 

A fabulous lunch or light dinner recipe that is sure to impress! It tastes absolutely amazing and can be quickly whizzed up for unexpected guests or even for a great family lunch, you may even have all these ingredients lying around in your home. Full of fibre and vitimins why not give it a try? 


Serves 4 
30g pine nuts 

150g ricotta 

200g pesto 

30g walnuts 

A few pinches of Mixed herbs 

8 plum tomatoes 

Balsamic vinegar (1 tsp per toast slice) 

150g buffalo mozzarella 

Few pinches or cracks of black Pepper 

1 Garlic clove chipped in half 

8 pieces of whole wheat bread (I recommend hovis wholewheat loaf) 


1. Begin by toasting your bread, this can be achieved either under the grill or in a conventional toaster. 

2. Once your bread is toasted rub each slice with the garlic clove to infuse flavour.

3. Cut your mozzarella into semi rounds, chose your 4 mozzarella bread pieces and spread pesto onto them arrange your mozerella on top.

4. Chose your 4 ricotta pieces and spread your ricotta equally onto each one. 

5. Cut your tomatos into rounds and arrange them into the cheese dolopping 1 tsp of pesto onto the ricotta slices. 

6. Chop your walnuts and sprinkle them on the toasts of your choosing. Sprinkle the pine nuts on the rest of the slices. 

7. Dust the pepper and mixed herbs onto each of your toasts. 

8. Glug one tbs worth of balsamic vinegar onto your toasts and if you chose put your toasts into the grill on medium for 5 minuets to warm (not melt) your toppings. Serve hot and enjoy. 

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