Fishnet: Why you shouldn’t care what they think.

The new trend that seems to be sweeping the fashion industry from the catwalks of London fashion week, to the very depths of Instagram. Now, it is definitely a statement. But, should you shy away from it just because it is associated (in some people’s minds) with the sex industry? I think not! In my humble opinion, I think it only connotes what it does, in the minds of those simple minded people who look at fashion as if they were wearing a pair of glasses that have the wrong prescription. Or rather, they see what they think they see rather than what is actually there.

Personally, I think that fishnet hosiery can add excitement to an outfit that could otherwise be quite boring…  And not to ‘diss’ bare legs, which in their own right are quite fabulous, but I think they need an upgrade… Any systematic mind can see that over time we have evolved from nude stockings being acceptable, to finally being able to have bare legs and not be judged, and clearly, the next most fitting allowable genre is fishnets! Now, I am very likely to be supporting them (with the right outfit of course) whether they are permissible in society or not, but I think many people are holding back from taking the step as a result of judgment (as the human nature is wired to do).

You just venture into the amazing world of Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and even just plain google and you can find a multitude of iconic outfits containing the deserving fishnet. I can agree that in some situations the fishnet can be used inproperly, for example, I have seen on some occasions people not wearing a skirt, shorts or a pair of trousers over there fishnet of choice, or wearing the wrong pair of fishnets for an outfit, but in any situation that  wouldn’t be the best decision even if you were wearing normal plain old opaque tights.

So, to conclude this post I think fishnets should be worn (just like anything in reason) if it will make your outfit look more amazing than it is already likely to be…

and a lot more abstract begonia 😉

photo is credited to the urban spotter



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