Street style…it has changed for the better.

It is becoming clear to me, more than ever before,  that street style (well what ‘street style’ is to me)  accounts for a huge part of what fashion is, and is seeping into any empty pocket that needs revitalizing; fashion houses are listening and are not only influencing society but finally allowing society to influence them…

To me, street style is a mishmash of the ages coming together in a gorgeous paperchase wrapped package which inside shows a rainbow of individuality. This means that we see less and less skinny jeans paired with t-shirts and trainers at large volumes, which to be honest, I am glad to see the back of. But rather see an array of styles from Dr martins to Charlotte Olympia cat pumps paired with everything fabulous from Mum jeans to culottes and blouses to crop tops.

Now if that doesn’t excite you…

I am also really embracing how people have kind of ‘let lose’. We are no longer being judged based on whether we have a Juicy Couture velour sweatsuit, but rather how we style ourselves. Because, in the end, the truth is it doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing a shirt from Topshop or Stone island if you can’t style it well, you may as well be wearing a potato sack stained with beet juice.

Personally, I am not sure if everyone is willing to swap their favorite pair of Nikes for some airwalks and that’s okay because we don’t all have to wear or like the same thing… That is what excites me so much about fashion, the idea that not everyone will follow that same fashion ideal or try to recreate all of the styles show on the Gucci FW17 catwalk, and that so beautiful because it makes stepping out into the big wide world so much more diverse, unique and oh so very EXITING!

And allot more abstract begonia 😉


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