What are my intentions?

Just in case you missed the ‘about me’ page (since this is the ‘safe part’ of the internet: I probably would have missed it too 🙂 ):

Firstly, if you’re anything like me, you really like to know a person before you set out on an endeavor into their endless reams of blogs and excerpts, so… I am known as many things, some of which I can share on this blog, others of which are best left unsaid, so heres the onse I can bring myself to repeat: avid vogue explorer, sketcher, drawer, painter, chef (not baker), ponderer, wonderer and solemn believer that fashion(as well as life really) is about uniqness and diversity. And, you’ll have to wait for the rest(i know what your thinking, can there be anymore?), intill I know you a bit better, or rather you know me better…

I should probably put this one in here, as much as I don’t like to admit it… Hypochondriac.

My intentions when walking into the blogging ‘scene’: well my intention is to share my life and ideas with the www, the world, the web, the world wide web, you guys! And also ALOT of little- added extras…

Oh! And I am guessing you are wondering what on earth is an ‘abstract begonia’? Well if you stick with me… I’m sure you’ll soon find out…


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